“A SKATEBOARD QUIZ ” is a board game about skateboarding, consisting of 1300 multiple choice questions.

This game is a tribute to the short but already rich history of skateboarding and its numerous aspects. It can be a good way to learn about or remember the differents eras of skateboarding from its beginning in the 50’s until now. The questions focus on skateboarders, tricks, brands and videos that have shaped its evolution.

This game has been designed and produced in Switzerland. It is available in English or in French.

How to play

“A SKATEBOARD QUIZ ” contains :

– 650 question cards. Each card contains 2 questions with three possible answers for each question (1300 questions in total);

– 21 voting cards that allow you to answer the questions (3 cards per player for 7 players);

– the rules of the game;

1. Players decide on a word, « SKATE » for example.

2. Each player receives three voting cards : A, B and C.

3. One player is chosen to pick up a card : he takes the « lead ». The player chooses one of the two possible questions. He then reads the question out loud to the others as well as the three possible answers. He should not look nor show the answer on the back of the card.

4. All players, including the « leader », put down the voting card corresponding to their answer (A, B or C), face down.

5. Then each player turns his card over showing his answer to everybody.

6. The « leader » reads the correct answer on the back of the playing card.

7. Players with the wrong answer get a letter, « S » in our example.

8. If the « leader » has the right answer, he keeps the lead. If not, he passes the lead to the first person on his left who answered correctly.

9. Rules explained in steps 2 to 8 are repeated.

10. When a player has received all the letters (S, K, A, T, E in our example) he is eliminated. The winner is the last remaining player.


Skate shops have played an essential role in skateboarding history. They provide a meeting place where the local skateboard community of a city can develop and expand. It seems important to me to support them and for this reason the game is not sold directly on this website. You will find a list of skate shops selling the game below:



Avenue du Pont De Luttre 9
1190 Bruxelles
0032 2 521 9502



V7 Distribution
6-8 Av. Georges Brassens
94470 Boissy Saint Leger
00 33 1 56 73 97 77

Paris, France

Nozbone Skate shop
Rue du fbg St Antoine 295
75011 Paris
0033 1 43 67 59 67



Mosaic Distribution
Margaretenhütte 42
35398 Giessen


Brunnenstraße 13
10119 Berlin-Mitte
0049 30 85 61 07 15



Kartel Distribution
Rue Aimé-Steinlen 5
1800 Vevey


242 Shop
Côtes de Montbenon 3
1003 Lausanne
021 312 21 71


The Joker Shop
via Trevano 100
6900 Lugano
091 970 11 47


242 Shop
Rue du Vieux-Billard 4
1205 Geneve
022 321 88 40


Löwengraben 2, Postfach
6002 Luzern
041 410 12 55

United Kingdom

Birmingham, UK

Ideal Skateboard Supply
The Custard Factory, 12/13 Gibb Square
Birmingham B9 4AA
United Kingdom
0044 121 296 7439

Manchester, UK

The Black Sheep Skateboard Store
36 Dale Street
United Kingdom
0044 333 600 0161



Theories of Atlantis
252 Norman Ave #302
Brooklyn, NY 11222

About us

One night when I was playing a board game with some friends, I thought it would be fun to have the same thing focusing on skateboarding. It had already been some time that I wanted to learn more about its history, especially its early stages and the emergence of the main tricks and brands. I therefore wrote a couple of questions about it. I then played it with my friends … and I realised that I wanted to create it as a “real” board game for other skaters.

It took me about two years to write down the 1300 questions that are presented here. I enjoyed the process and I learned a lot. I think it is a good way to spend an evening with your buddies and have fun while learning a bit more about skateboarding!

This game has been made possible with the help of my good friends Laurent Alleman, who designed the graphics, Thierry Didot ( who conceived the packaging and Jonathan Droz who created the web site. The illustrations were done by different artists from Switzerland. Magnus, Lazar, Christophe, Thierry, Pekka and Jonathan, thank you all so much for your contribution and your support!!!